The world is becoming digital; news is consumed online, books are read on tablets, and television is viewed via streaming services instead of cable. Let HLMDigital help guide your company into the digital age.

2018 Digital Marketing Update

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and as digital marketing employees and enthusiasts, it is important to always stay on top of the digital marketing world. Take a look at 5 major changes to the digital marketing landscape which will affect how you do business in 2018. Google Adwords is testing images on search […]

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How to Find Topics to Blog About

It is no secret how important blogging can be for small businesses. Building a blog can be an excellent source of organic traffic from SEO as well as a terrific source for social media content.  It is often hard to find the right thing to write about, the main reason I am writing this blog […]

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Is Direct Mail Marketing Dead?

I spend a vast majority of my time planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. Most of my time goes into digital analytics, search engine optimization, and paid media advertising. The entire basis of HLM digital is that we use a digital focused marketing strategy to achieve business goals, but some traditional marketing channels should not […]

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Free SEO Tools and Where to Find Them

For those interested improving their sites SEO there are a number of websites out there with creative tools to help, monitor results, optimize your website and find new keyword. Many of these sites such as SEMRush, Moz, and PosiRank while powerful can come with high monthly fees. This list will guide you through the best […]

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How to Design with SEO in Mind

Congrats you just got a big contract to design a website. You have drawn up your wireframes, done user experience research and have created graphics to enhance the website. Looks like you’re ready to start coding the website. What if I told you that you just skipped a major step that has become increasingly important […]

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Marketing Terms Made Simple

Marketing term guide Whether you are trying to learn some marketing tricks for your own company or looking for an agency marketing can be confusing. It is not been made easier by the excessive list of complicated terms and abbreviations. Most of these terms are actually pretty basic this guide will give you everything you […]

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