Free SEO Tools and Where to Find Them

August 14, 2017

For those interested improving their sites SEO there are a number of websites out there with creative tools to help, monitor results, optimize your website and find new keyword. Many of these sites such as SEMRush, Moz, and PosiRank while powerful can come with high monthly fees. This list will guide you through the best free alternatives for SEO power users.


Free SERP tools


SERP or search engine result pages tools are tools which can be used to find how your keywords rank on different search engines.



Serps has a very powerful rank checker available completely free. Most free rank checkers do not allow for checking of rankings in exact locations. This is very valuable to local businesses who only operate in a single city or town. The downside of this tool is that only one keyword can be examined at a time and thus checking the ranks of long keywords lists can become a very timely task.




Serplab is a great free SEO tool. It allows for checking up to 10 keywords at a time and offers a massive list of Google based search engines across the world. The biggest problem with Serplab is the lack of being able to target specific locations as well as lacking access to non-Google search engines.


Whats My Serp 


Whats My Serp has the same downside of Serplabs with an inability to search outside of Google as well as not being able to target specific locations but Whats My Serp makes up for this with many features not usually available on free tools. Some great features include the ability to see change over time, being able to export reports, and being able to compare results to competitors. Whats My Serp also offers 20 free keywords which should be suitable for those starting their SEO journey.


Free Website Analysis tools


Website analysis tools can be used to judge how effectively your website was designed for SEO. typically these sites will examine meta tags, title tags, and assorted page statistics to give helpful advice on where to focus efforts on.




Clever Stat offers a very strong all encompassing website reviewer. This tool will analyze the homepage of your website giving out important SEO details like meta description, title tags, and headline tags. The tool will also give useful information pertaining to mobile friendliness and page speed to further improve your site. The biggest downside to this tool is it will only analyze the homepage of your site but as this is often where a lot of keyword compression is it is still a very powerful tool.


Neil Patel 

Neil Patel offers an incredible website analysis tool. While lacking the depth of information provided by Cleverbot, Neil Patel’s tool more than makes up for it. You can analyze specific pages of your website and receive useful and attainable next steps to help the SEO process. Perhaps the best feature offered by Neil Patel is the competitive analysis options, the tool allows for you to compare your website with competitors, the tool will then provide information on backlinks, site speed, and keyword density before ranking you vs your competitors.


The Hoth SEO Audit

The Hoth offers a number of great SEO tools, these tools are completely free but you do need to make an account. The website analysis tool from the Hoth is more specific than the previous two tools. The Hoth tool specializes in analyzing your site for specific keywords. The Hoth will analyze and score your site for how well the SEO is designed for a specific keyword. There is also a competitive analysis tool. This tool is great for comparing your website vs a competitor to see who has done a better job of positioning themselves for a given keyword. Really the only downsides of this Hoth tool is that only one competitor can be used at a time and that an account is needed to access the tool.


Free Keyword Research Tools


Keyword research tools can be used to examine the search quantity of keywords. These tools will typically give recommendations on similar keywords which can be targeted as well.



KWfinder is a terrific keyword research tool. This tool allows you to target a specific location a feature not common on free tools. In addition, KWfinder uses their own metric to rank the SEO difficulty of the given keywords. As an alternative to SEO many turn to Google Adwords to bid on keywords, KWfinder will also provide information relating to PPC campaigns. The tool will give information like estimated cost per click and how much PPC competition there is.


The Hoth Keyword Research tool

The Hoth’s tool is a very easy to use and understand, making the tool very good for those just starting out with SEO.  Unfortunately there easy to use UI is really the best selling point of this tool. The tool shows competition, search and CPC information but lacks the details of KWfinder. In addition, the tool does not offer exact location targeting and only offers search engines for the UK, Canada, USA, and Australia. Lastly, like all Hoth tools you do need an account to access the tool. 


Google Keyword Planner


Sometimes it is best to go straight to the source and this may very well be one of those cases (though I find myself using the KWfinder as much as Google’s own tool). Google’s keyword research tool is the industry standard for PPC campaigns. You can transfer from the keyword planner directly to an Adwords account. Google Keyword planner can very effectively be used for SEO, it provides competition levels and search volume but in order to get detailed organic information you need to link your Google search conole. This can be a pretty complicated task and I personally only recommend the Google Keyword Planner as an SEO tool to experienced users.

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