How to fight for Search Engine Rank in competitive fields: The power of long tail keywords

August 9, 2017

It is almost unanimously agreed among marketers, a high search engine rank is a critical tool for marketing efforts. Simply ranking highly on google can be the number one tool for generating website visits and these website impressions are completely free.


A study by Chitka found that 94.5% of Google users do not even reach the second page. By the time you hit page 4 less than 0.5% of users are left. So what do you do if you are in a competitive field? Let’s take a look at a company who sells men’s t-shirts.



 As you can see the top page results are mostly from massive companies like American eagle, Nordstrom, and the Banana Republic. Such a competitive term would also result in a high cost per click price. This would require a very high conversion rate or and a large marketing budget to be a viable strategy.


Fighting for rank on extremely competitive keywords requires high-quality backlinks. Gaining these backlinks would require a lot of time and money. Simply put this is a game not worth playing. So change the game; with long tail keywords. Approximately %70 of searches are generated from long tail keywords which are far less competitive than the traditional short keyword searches.  Get specific about your keyword, just adding a single word like “watercolor t shirts” or “mens graphic t shirts” will make a huge difference in how hard it is to fight for your keywords. The CPC price for these keywords will be lower as well. Looking at the estimates below using these longer keywords can save big money over time.


Key word Estimated cost per click
Mens t shirt $ 1.84
Mens graphic t shirt $ 1.34
Watercolor t shirt $ 0.48


Start Blogging


To be specific the type of blogging you need to be doing is compound blogging. Essentially think of what questions are common in your field.  Most blog posts will have viewers when the post is published but then views will decay over time. A compound blog post gets sustained viewers by using long tail keywords as a title.


Let’s use the t shirt example from earlier, this company may write a blog post titled “best type of shirt to wear with a blazer” then if someone were to search this phrase or a similar phrase the blog post would likely show up. This is a great way to generate organic traffic to your website in a competitive field.

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