How to Find Topics to Blog About

September 7, 2017

It is no secret how important blogging can be for small businesses. Building a blog can be an excellent source of organic traffic from SEO as well as a terrific source for social media content.  It is often hard to find the right thing to write about, the main reason I am writing this blog post is that I got hit with a case of writer’s block. Luckily I know some good tricks to overcoming writer’s block and finding interesting things to write about.


Compound Blogging


The main goal of compound blogging is bringing in new organic users to your website. Essentially what you are looking to do when it comes to compound blogging is write about commonly searched problems. Compound blogging can be used to generate long tail keywords and drive traffic to your website.


As an example let’s examine what happens when I search “how to lose fat” on Google. As you can probably imagine this question gets asked a lot. According to, this exact phrase gets searched 6600 times per month in the United States, and betting on this keyword in Adwords will cost around $4.71 per click. This is a very expensive keyword and will result in very high PPC costs.  When I search “how to lose fat” this article from ranks very highly, making this blog post a great driver of business to Having this blog post rank organically for this search query will bring in thousands of organic users every month for free. These users will now see as an industry leader and will be potential customers of their paid products like nutrition supplements. can also implement a remarketing list to target fat burning products to people who read this blog post.


So what do you write about?


Now I have told you what compound blogging is and how it can effectively be used to drive site traffic it’s time to look at what to actually write about. The simplest way to do this is to ask yourself what questions do you get asked a lot. One of the most common questions I get when I recommend blogging to bolster SEO efforts or as a social media content tool is “what do I blog about”, this very blog post was designed for compound blogging due to being asked this question.  As a general rule if you hear the same question multiple times that probably means it is a common issue and thus makes for an excellent blogging topic.


Write about what you’re passionate about


Compound blogging is a great way to bring in new eyes to your site through SEO but not all blog posts need to be compounding. If you have a follower base to your blog or on social media you will be able to organically show your blog to your followers. This is a terrific way to stay connected with your community. In addition, high-quality blog posts will be shared thus growing your audience. If someone is following your company on social media that means they are interested in what you do so don’t be afraid to write about what you’re passionate about. If it’s something you enjoy then the blog post is more likely to connect with an audience with similar interests. Whether your company specializes in finance, gardening, or anything in between you will be able to find someone passionate about your field who would be interested in reading through your thoughts.


Sometimes the best way to find topics on what to write about is trial and error, you can monitor engagement rates on your blog posts using social media and google analytics to effectively see what kind of content gets the most views and shares.  A blog built with a good mix of compound and passionate thought leadership pieces is a great way to generate a new audience while keeping your existing audience consistently engaged.


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